Mama, believe me, it ain't my fault. It is them again. I'm not the one who invites them. They get hold of me and never leave! I try every day, but all I could do is nothing to get rid of em. Trust me, I start with an intention to sip up the whole syllabus at one go. The first half an hour is of less trouble, but then all at once, I turn into Pablo Picasso the moment my eyes get hold of the pictures after the blessed time. His genes pop up in my blood out of the blue, WOAH- you hafta see the way my fingers dance. I can turn Harry into Louis and then Louis to Zayn!!! That's marvelous, right?! I don't know if it's something to be proud of, but I have drawn better pictures in my history book than in my art note. When all is said and done, I take a whale of time to appreciate myself for my dedication and hard work that I've shown towards my masterpiece. It doesn't end until I brag ‘bout it to my friends the next day. Well, nothing is done on purpose as it just ha


Sometimes it's completely alright to cry out loud when there's too much going on. You might not have anyone to listen to your problems but that's ok you have yourself. The only soul that goes through the same shit that you are going through is your own self and there is no one else who could understand your problems better than you do. You might think it's not a brave act to cry but if it relieves you from the pain that you go through it's worth doing it as you will at least be able to search for a solution with a sense of relief after pouring your hearts out to yourself. Crying makes a bad situation better and it's definitely not a solution but a treatment. It's better to cry and let go of stuff than to be stuck with it and allow it to dangle on your mind forever. By crying for some time you're not gonna be entitled as weak but at the end of the day it makes you stronger and there's nothing wrong in spending tears and time for yourself.


It is the corona season. Schools have shut down and I've been spending all my time in my home. I'm on top of the world ever since my holidays started as I've been doing stuff that I missed in the past years. One amongst them is the sleeping part which has out-did all my other enjoyment. I'm like this any other teen who feels sick to get out of the bed in the mornings especially when it's cold. Pleading my mom for another 2-5 mins of sleep in the past years became a part of my daily routine when I had to get ready for my school. Well, I never got those precious 2-5 mins of bliss though. Never mind, because now as a result of the corona holidays, me and my sleep have become inseparable! These days I'm not the one who pleads but my lovable friend dream is the one who pleads me to not leave the bed for another 2-5 mins during the pitter-patter sound of the rain which gives me the best morning vibes! Believe me, Dreams and Drizzles are the perfect companions to be wi


I’m sure all of us were once this pure-hearted kid who loved everyone. But when did we lose trust between one another?  Yes, trust! Trust in relations, friends, and also strangers. Most of us are surrounded by people who trigger us and also make us doubt our self-esteem. There might be people who have betrayed you. Which causes us to lose trust in our fellow human beings. Hi, I’m Dharshini an optimist. As a teenager, I feel so distressed by the growing vile acts that are done to hurt someone mentally. By using the word trust I not merely talk about believing but relying on our fellow human beings. The thought of oneness fades away and then there is no trust and love between one another and you start hating each other. This also happens in the reversed order. When we hate someone we develop a lack of trust and love between one another and the thought of oneness fades away. The thought of oneness starts with a smaller circle that is our family, next the community where we live, and then